Ict Assessment

What is Kodu?

Kodu is basically a visual programming which is used to make games from. Kodu's real name is Boku. Million of people use Kodu all around the world. Kodu is a creative way to show off your skills about games and you can make your own games and play them. Kodu's language is something like this: Hello world: see-fruit-move-towards

Why Kodu?

Kodu is a very easy way to entertain yourself in many ways. You can use a game control to play on it. It has various characters you can use to build your game and make it look awesome. You can program the characters as you like. When it comes to the programming its a bit confusing. There are lots of options for example if you want the Kodu to catch apples you have to program the kodu to see-apple-red-eat/bump. Something like that.

Here are some example of the commands used in Kodu

My Opinion


I think kodu is great but I did not like it at first because it was boring for me but after a few lessons of kodu i figured out awesome things i did not know about the programming of Kodu and other things. Kodu helps us to make our own games and be creative other than just playing games on the internet:)You can also build big terrains. So overall I think that Kodu is a good website for people to think out of the box.
Kodu Creating Creatables
So here is a video about Kodu creating creatables. This video is a shooting fish tutorial by Kodu team and this video is 9 minutes long
How to write a simple program in Kodu
This video is all about programming the kodu to do stuff
Kodu website

This website is all about Kodu and it tells you everything you need to know about Kodu

The End

I have not used scratch before so i thought that Kodu would be a good and easy thing to explain about. I hope you now know all the thing about Kodu:)