Second Grade News You Can Use

March 21st-24th, 2016

A Note from Mrs. Graham

It is that time of year when my head starts spinning. There are many reasons for this; allergies, softball/baseball season, spiritual emphasis week, book week, field trips, service day, and the list goes on. I will do my best to communicate important events and dates to you. I hope we can all help each other to enjoy each day as it comes and not feel too stressed to see the blessings of each and every moment we have with our children and families.


3/21: Special Guest (Brittan Jarrell) from Mr. Tipp's Leadership class will present our bible lesson. Special Guest (Rachel) from TPAC will come with a lesson to help us prepare for Big Bad Wolf late in the day.

3/22: Ice Cream Party for third nine weeks AR reward at 2:15.

3/23: K-12 program for Chapel at 8:00; Lunch outside with Mrs. Brasel for a prize from earlier in the year; Rachel is coming again at 2:00.

3/24: Eggstravaganza at 12:30 (Easter Egg Hunt) It will be in the field by the Fishy Playground.

3/28-4/1: BOOK FAIR WEEK

3/28: Book Character Day

3/29: Peace, Love, and Books

3/30: Wacky Wednesday

3/31: Dress Your Best for Picture Day

4/1: Dress in MM7 shirt and jeans for our field trip to the Big Bad Wolf. Bring a stuffed animal and blanket for reading time.


Words with oo, ew, ue, ou

root, crew, spoon, few, bloom, grew, room, you, stew, boost, scoop, flew

Challenge Words: shampoo, balloon

Words from writing: life cycle, o'clock, because (we still misspell this one all the time)



Essential Question: How do some animals change as they grow?

Text: The Mysterious Tadpole (Fantasy), From Eggs to Frogs (Informational Text)

High Frequency Words: again, ago, alone, don't, every, follow, goes, head, now, won't

Target Vocabulary Words: ordinary, control, cage, upset, sensible, confused, training, suspiciously

Vocabulary Strategies: Multiple Meaning Words

Grammar: Contractions

Target Comprehension Skill: Story Structure and Conclusions


As you saw in the important dates section next week is book week. Each day has a theme for how your child should dress. Monday, your child should dress like a book character. The deal is the character had to be in a book before it became a movie not vice versa. Tuesday, dress can be hippy-ish. Wacky Wednesday, well, anything out of sorts will do. Thursday is Spring Picture Day so dress your child in what you would like to see them in for years to come on your gallery wall in your home. Friday we are going on a field trip to TPAC. Dress your child in MM7 shirt and jeans. Have your child bring a towel or blanket and a furry friend for reading time late in the day.


Monday: Review Money and Time

Tuesday: Chapter 7 Test

Wednesday and Thursday: Measuring Length in Customary Units


Life Cycles of Plants, Animals (spiders, butterflies, frogs), and Humans. This is review before our very own butterfly larva arrives.


Tennessee Folktales and Legends: Students will learn that stories are part of culture. They will read and retell the Chickasaw "Legend of Reelfoot Lake" and the folktale "Davy Crockett and the Frozen Dawn."


Spiritual Emphasis Week: We have special guest and activities planned during the school day this week which have spiritual focus.

Bible Story Theme: Jesus Lives