The Stegemoller Scoop

February 8-12

Valentine's Day

On Friday, February 12th, from 2:00-2:15, your child will be able to pass out Valentine cards to the class. I will send home a list of names next week. Please make sure everyone on the list gets something.


First round of ISTEP is February 29th-March 4th!

This portion includes:

Reading-Multiple reading passages and constructed responses

Math-Problem solving with writing portion

Writing-Extended responses to reading passages

All sections of ISTEP will be timed. Anything not finished cannot be completed at a later time.

What's Happening in Room 505!


Branchick-Finish Metric Unit and Starting Data and Graphs

Wegner: Finish Metric Unit and Starting Data and Graphs

Stegemoller: Finish Time and Temperature and Begin Money Unit

Cole: Measurement

Swartz: Measurement

McDugle: Measurement

Twyman: Area and Perimeter

Please make sure your child is practicing their math facts at home. Addition 0-12, Subtraction 0-12, and Multiplication 0-12. I suggest using Flashcards, Flash to Pass (App.), or print free pages online.


Unit 4 Week 2

Comprehension Strategy: Ask and Answer Questions

Comprehension Skill: Point of View

Genre: Realistic Fiction

Vocabulary Strategy: Prefixes

We are taking our weekly Reading tests online now. The online test is the same as the paper/pencil test. Scores may drop a little the first week because they are getting used to taking it online. The online version gives us really great reports and areas that need remediation. I will still send home the cover page that shows what they mastered by standard (the paper that is attached to the front of the paper/pencil test). Email me if you have any


We will be working on test writing for the month of February. My students will be reading passages and answering writing prompt questions with evidence from the text. Also, they will be practicing answering questions from paired-texts using evidence from both stories.

Social Studies

Chapter 4: Government

Classroom Information


Daily Schedule

7:25-7:50-Morning Work




10:30-11:15-Science/Social Studies

11:15-12:00-Lunch and Recess










Below are links to the websites students will have access to at school and at home: