Dance History Project:

By: Hannah Sullens, Leasie Parker

Pilobolus Dance History:

*Pilobolus is a fungus that Jonathan Wolken's father was studying in an laboratory during the time period of the dance company's inception. (Inception: starting point in the company)

*Pilobolus Dance was founded in Dartmouth College dance class1971

*All the dancers collaborate since the style of dance requires for collaboration; because the type of dance involves multiple individuals working as a team.

*This dance style is unusual from your typical style of dances in today's society

* Pilobolus Dance is a very technical and detailed dance that requires extreme flexibility & strength to be able to cope with the intense moves typically used in this style of dance.

*The number of people in this company is a large range of performers & the company is still growing with new eager dancers ready to undergo the skillful and intense dance performances.

*The main purpose of Pilobolus Dance is giving dancers a new outlook at dance as well as a new set of skills that are unfound in other dance styles.

*What makes Pilobolus Dance Company one of the leading companies? This company is one of the leading companies because of how different and unique the company is this makes the company stands out from all the other companies.

* Another way the company is in the lead is how so many dancers are still joining the company which has broadened the spectrum of freedom of how much more they can do with the style of dance because of the wide range of dancers.

*Here are some examples of pieces that the company has done: The first two dances, “Automaton” (2012) and “All Is Not Lost” (2011)

* "Automaton" was dance that made the dancers step outside their comfort zone and really take a chance at something new with the dance routine.

* In "All Is Not Lost" the dancers are all wearing nude clothing in part of the dance number and the dancers also become human skyscrapers in this dance performance which involve two people one on top of the other.

*Pilobolus Company is modern dance style

*The company is a traveling company they travel around the world to perform their performances

Some Pictures of the Company's Style of Dance: