Whoville Holiday Hooplah

Starting at $9.99!

Tired of moving stealthily and silently everywhere?

Do your friends mistake you for a ninja, or worse, overlook you even when you are nearby? Treat yourself to one our our fine instruments designed with the discerning Who in mind, and everyone from here to Mount Crumpit will hear the noise Noise NOISE N-O-I-S-E!

Electro Who-Cardio Schnook

New for 2013! When an understated entrance simply will not do, bring the noise with the state-of-the-art multi-instrument that has Whos all across the dustspeck talking. ONLY $59.99 while supplies last.

You're sure to get noticed!

Limited Time Only

Call our customer care representative Cindy Lu - who's no more than two - within the next 10 minutes to receive a complimentary can of Whohash. Dial 555.867.5309