Canada And Sports in The 1920's

Lauren, Harman, Abeer

Foster Hewitt

-Hewitt was only 20 years old when asked to announce Canada's first radio broadcast of a Hockey game for a radio station owned by the Toronto Star

-It was during this broadcast that Hewitt introduced the famous phrase "He shoots, he scores."

-started a radio station that broadcasted all the Maple Leafs Hockey games

-large companies began to sponsor Saturday Night Hockey

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The Bluenose

-The Bluenose was a famous fishing and racing Canadian schooner (boat) built in 1921

-Representation of the Bluenose was drawn by Artist Emmanuel Hahn for the Canadian dime

-Held the record for the largest catch of fish brought into the city of Lunenburg

-Brought the International Fishermen's Trophy to Nova Scotia

-No boat was able to take the Trophy from her for 17 years

The Grey Cup

  • The Grey Cup is the name of both the championship game of the Canadian Football League (CFL) as well as the trophy awarded to the victorious team playing Canadian Football.

  • The Grey Cup game is Canada's largest annual sports and television event, regularly drawing a Canadian viewing audience of about 4 million

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Event: 1921 – Toronto Argonauts (23) vs Edmonton Eskimos (0)

Venue: Varsity Stadium
Location: Toronto, ON
Date: December 3
Attendance: 9,558
Winning Coach: Sinc McEvenue

Champions: Toronto Argonauts (23-0)

-The Grey cup was awarded for the "Rugby Football Championship" of Canada. In 1921, teams from Western Canada were permitted to challenge for the Grey Cup for the first time, making the finals truly national in scope. The Toronto Argonauts defeated the Edmonton Eskimos 23-0

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Historical Thinking Concepts

  • After being the exclusive property of teams based in Toronto and Hamilton, the Grey Cup championship became a truly national event in 1921. The Western Canada Rugby Football Union joined the Canadian Rugby Union and the Edmonton Eskimos were the first Western team to challenge for the trophy.
  • The Edmonton Eskimos being the first Western team to challenge for the trophy and not having enough experience resulted into their major defeat of 23-0 by the Toronto Argonauts.
  • While the Grey Cup was slow to achieve national popularity, the start of the east versus west format helped make the game the nation's largest sporting event and this gave Canada its identity for The Grey Cup

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