A Christmas carol

Charles dickens

I recommend you should see the play The Christmas Carol because the actor memorize all there lines and you don't no if they mess up cause there so good.Next the lighting was fantastic, it changed the mood of the show for example one it was a happy memory of Scrooge it was glowing bright yellow and when it was sad it was white. Finally Changing the set were so quick it was in a matter of seconds entire setting changed and Scrooge and Marley workshop was robotic and it moved forward and turned around to show you the inside in a matter a seconds.In conclusion why the Christmas Carol play was so good it was because nobody messed it up. It was almost like they had time to edit to make it perfect
Mr. Scrooge made a sacrifice by giving his money to the people who he was mean to and gave them money. A sacrifice I had to make was put my cat down.