Your SEL & Resilience Break

A dash of Mindfulness-based SEL for everyone!

Self Compassion

Self compassion is treating yourself the way you would treat a friend who is having a hard time. We find it way easier to be kind and compassionate to others than to offer ourselves the same gestures of compassion and support. Consider what you need to support yourself through the holidays and the ongoing challenges of our current times. Several practices are offered below that come from the Mindful Self Compassion Workbook by Kristen Neff and Christopher Germer. Scroll all the way down for suggestions on teaching self compassion to kids!

Do unto yourself as you would do to others!

Be well & breathe,

Liane Benedict & Kate Ginney

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Yin Practices of Self Compassion

These practices are about being with ourselves in compassionate ways through comforting, soothing and validating practices. See below to try these out!

Comforting - Self Compassion Break

Soothing - Affectionate Breathing

Validating - Labeling Difficult Emotions

Self Compassion Break

Five minute guided meditation led by Kristen Neff

Affectionate Breathing - A Guided Meditation by Kristin Neff

Yang Practices of Self Compassion

These practices are about how we show up in the world with compassionate ways through protecting, providing and motivating practices. See below to try these out!

Protecting - Practicing Equanimity

Providing - Discovering our Core Values

Motivating - Finding your Compassionate Voice

Discovering Your Core Values

Use the link below to access Brene Brown's list of core values. Identify your Top Ten. Don't over-think it! Then narrow that list down to 5. Then, down to 3 that are your deeply felt core values. Then consider how these show up in your life.
Finding Your Compassionate Voice

Finding your compassionate voice involves us bringing what we need to hear to our awareness.

Positive Me! A Kids Guide to Self Compassion

Academics' Choice "Smart Book" Award Winner, Creative Child Child Awards 2020 "Book of the Year", Mom's Choice Awards® Recipient, Story Monsters Approved, Next Generation Indie Book Awards Finalist and Winner of a 2020 Family Choice Award!

Would you like to give the ultimate gift to a child? Can you think of a child that is incapable of speaking kindly to themselves? Positive Me! helps establish positive self-talk through repeating simple and effective sentences on colorful, inclusive and engaging illustrated pages.

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Offering: Press Pause - Strategies for Disconnecting & Self Maintenance (Self-Paced/Asynchronous)

The focus of this module is to support you in learning strategies to disconnect and focus in simple ways on self maintenance. We cannot show up for others if we do not show up for ourselves. The mini-module begins with the Press Pause webinar. Following the webinar you will find practices to engage in, resources to read and explore, and videos to view. Upon completion you will be asked to complete a survey where you will offer insights you gained and certify your completion of all tasks. Once complete, you will receive 3 hours of professional development, documented in MyLearningPlan. Once registered, you will receive the mini-module in the form of a Smore "newsletter" containing the webinar and all items to complete.

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