The Copperhead snake.

why we need it.

Why is it endangered?

The Copperhead snake is a very deadly snake, it lives in 26 states, but is only endangered in Massachusetts. Reasons being in a verity of ways, such as, killed because of its lethality, habitat destruction, and it getting to close to homes. People kill the snake because they are scared of it

How to keep it off the endangered list

*Make a law protecting the snake.

*keep the snakes habitats in check.

* Bring more form other states to Massachusetts.

Why should we keep it around.

*Keep small rodents in check.

* It preys on a wide verity of animals

witch is a very good thing for both ecosystems and population control

good for ecosystems because it preys on animals that eat plants and with out the snake that plant may not thrive as well and a multitude of reasons like that.