Sammy Davis Jr.

Who is he?

Sammy Davis Jr. was an actor, singer, comedian and people say that he was one of the best entertainers and tap dancers in the world! He was known for being a part of "The Rat Pack" along with Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin. Sammy was born on December 8, 1925, and spent most of his young life on a bus performing with his dad in the Will Mas-ton trio.

How was he influential and why?

During the height of his career Sammy Davis Jr. was sent to WW2 and while he was there he was physically abused by his fellow soldiers and there was so much plagiarism. All of this was what his dad had been protecting him from while he was on the road. Because of this as soon as he got back home he started participating in marches in Washington D.C and started to talk and help Martin Luther King Jr. come up with ideas to help stop racism in our country. He also refused to perform in places that practiced segregation and because he was such a big star places would change their ways of doing business so he could perform there.


Sammy Davis was an extremely successful artist having 54 albums and being known as the best tap dancer in the world. He also produced the number one song on the charts for a very long time "The Candy Man". Sammy Davis Jr. also had 1 girl and adopted 2 boys with May Britt an actress from switserlan but was soonly divorced to mary Altovise Davis. One of the not so good things about his is that he smoked...a lot causing him to get through cancer and die on May 16, 1990.