My Poetry

by: kendall

Spring Day

Sun was out beautiful as could be.

People walking and laughing.

Running kids passing by giggling,he he.

I was singing at the sun.

Night then came and the day was done.

Great day it was.

Acrostic poem, Literary Device used:onomatopoeia, line 3

I am the sun

I am the sun

I see people walking & laughing

I hear the birds singing and flying

I fear when the day is done

I know that there are other planets

I hate the moon

I remember how I was made

I believe I can put a smile on your face bigger then me

I am the sun.

I am poem, Literary Device used: hyperbole, line 8

A Bear?

A bear

ate a pear

from a fair?

when it was dawn

because he is not a bear?

5w poem, literary device used: personification line 2,and 3

The Ocean Blue sky

The sky was so blue like blue dew

as the birds still flew

at night the sky was still bright

but the sky also gave me a fright

and the sun went up and the grass grew.

Limerick poem, literary device used: simile line 1

I found a dog!

I found a dog

that is a pillow

at a dirty street

i needed a dog soft and warm

to keep me company.

my dog is special my dog would be

something you would want.

see what I found poem,literary device used: metaphor line 2

A whale

A whale had a pail with

a pal named pat who had

a pot and, a pig who had

a pod and, they decided to be a pair.

Free verse, literary device used: alliteration line 1, 2, 3, and 4