Web 2O

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So what is web 2o?

Web 2o is a word for programs on the internet that you use for presentations and organizisation. Such as
  • symballo
  • Wordle
  • Big Huge Labs
  • Prezi
  • blabberize
  • Search Google Effectively


Symballo is a program that can take websites and put them as tiles on a graph and puts a link on that tile so when you click on it it brings you that website. Symballo is a good tool for organization and helpfulness


Big huge labs

So what is big huge labs. Big huge labs is a program that can take a pic and use it on a back round, like a billboard, movie case, and playing cards. Big huge labs can be used well on a presentation.


Prezi is a presentation program that makes a presentation fun by taking the info and putting it in a theme and can be customized easily. Obviously it is a great presentation program.


Blabberize is an awesome program for a non speak presentation. It will take an audio recording and put it in the back round while the pic in the front is talking. It is good for a presentation.

How to search google effectively

How to search google effectively

To search google effectively you need to know some symbols. Those symbols are =+-) ( .

You are probably thinking why do I need to know symbols for searching something on google. Well you answer is that you use them in the actual search, such as lions-club-park+animal. What I did there was subtracting things from the search like lion night club, or lion park and I added animal because I want to know about the animal. You can also type in a math problem and It will do it for you.