hover boards

are they a bad present?

hover boards

Are they a bad present? In this article you will learn about hover bords and how they are dangers to you and your family.

hover boards

hover boards have bean known to set on fire. when you buy one you are endangering you and your famle.

Amozon is offering refundes.

Amozon is offering refundeds this is bad! They never did this before.They are giving the refundeds to people who bought them for the holidays.The resen is because the set on fire.
Hover boards have been proved to have safety problems. they have no weight restnchons and this could be a problem.
Top 5 reasons not to buy a hover board.

1. They set on fire.

2.They can blow up.

3.They can cose a house fire.

4.Cause trafic.

5.Get you killed.

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Why They Set On Fire

If the charges to long it has to much energy and over heats it's mother board.