Messman-Saran Library Newsletter

Winter Term, 2014-2015

Reading Rewards Standings

At the end of the Winter Term, several students competed for the top Reading Rewards spot! Here are the final standings:

  1. Edward Kosek (3,469 pages)
  2. Hamson Shen (3,207 pages)
  3. Mauricio Chavez (2,408 pages)

As a school, we have read nearly 50,000 pages so far this year!

Remember, everyone starts again at 0 pages at the beginning of the Spring Term. Good luck, boys!

Lesson Highlight: Science/English Nutrition Research Papers

Students in Ninth Grade Science and English classes spent three weeks at the end of the term writing formal research papers on controversial topics in nutrition. In order to complete the project the boys:

  • Identified topics
  • Found sources
  • Took notes on sources
  • Created Works Cited pages
  • Organized their notes into an outline
  • Turned their outlines into rough drafts
  • Turned their rough drafts into final drafts
  • Put their papers into MLA format

This project was a big undertaking and the boys did very well with it!

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Collaboration Screens in Action

Boys have been using our new collaboration screens on a variety of projects. Below, Ms. Sextons students use the screen to work on a project about different winter holidays.
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Upcoming Developments: Library Joins Massachusetts eBooks Program

The library has joined the Massachusetts eBooks Program, which will provide the Hillside Community with access to three new digital platforms: Biblioboard, Baker and Taylor Axis 360, and EBL. These digital libraries will open up a world of new digital content to Hillside students, faculty and staff. Look for more on this soon!

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