The Library Lowdown


Book Truckin!!

I finally received all the pieces I needed to get my mobile library up and running. So starting this week, if you would like a visit from the mobile library, just call or e-mail me to schedule a time. I can stock the cart with whatever you would like, fiction, nonfiction, etc. The only thing I need when I come to your room is an ethernet drop to connect to. My first official customers were Mr. Gembicki and Mrs. Morgan. Thanks for being my guinea


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Boxtops are back! Boxtops will be a little different this year, as we don't have advisories. We will be collecting them through 1st period. i realize that not everyone has a 1st period, but it is the best we can do. The class each semester that collects the most will win a Round Rock Donuts and juice party! I will be putting baggies with your names on them in boxes today. Please use these to collect the boxtops. Most teachers just tape this to their white board. Thank you so much for doing this, ya'll. The library earns $300-500 a year by just collecting boxtops.

A Day in the Life

Just to give you a little glimpse into life in the library world, I took a screen shot of my cataloging system below. Every time I need to put anything brand new in the library catalog, I have to fill out EVERY one of the fields below with things like publisher, copyright date, how many pages, etc., etc. So if you wonder why I am at my computer all the time, this is why. Cataloging takes time.
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Cherri and I on a bad day......

Librarian Lays Down the Law