The Monday Message

Office of the Principal; Monday, October 12, 2015

Quote for the Week!

Work for a cause, not for applause. Live life to express, not impress. Don't strive to make your presence noticed, just make your absence felt. ~ Allesandra Torre

The Week Ahead

October - LGBT History Month, Hispanic Heritage Month

Monday 10/12/15 - Native American Day, Special Called Crew, Admin Mtg (9-11:30, Cafe')

Tuesday 10/13/15 - International Day for Disaster Reduction, Faculty Meeting (3:50-4:50pm, Cafe'), G40 Installation (6pm, Media Center), Volleyball vs White Knoll (5:30pm, Gymnasium)

Wednesday 10/14/15 - World Math Day, PSAT Exam (8-11am, Cafeteria), C-Team FB Game @ Meadow Glen (5:30pm, MGMS)

Thursday 10/15/15 - International Conflict Resolution Day

Friday 10/16/15 - World Food Day, River Bluff Students Visit IMS

Share Fair Nation

Saturday, Nov. 14th, 9am-2pm

Irmo High School

November 14, 2015

Save the date! Share Fair Nation is coming to District Five!

Join us at Irmo High School on Saturday, November 14th, for a transformative—and fun—learning adventure! We’re helping teachers bring innovation and technology into their classrooms, and we’re teaching kids to love STEAM—science, technology, engineering, the arts and math—with hands-on, interactive activities and experiments.

Join us for this (optional) FREE, exciting event!

Duty Roster

Click here for the Duty Roster

Monday - I Group on duty (V. Sava PM Duty)

Tuesday - R Group on duty (L. Young PM Duty)

Wednesday - M Group on duty (G. Hutto, N. Smiley PM Duty)

Thursday - O Group on duty (Godfrey PM Duty)

Friday - I Group on duty (Jackson PM Duty)

Tasks to Complete This Week!

Tasks to Complete This Week!

1. Teach like a champion every period, every day!

2. Attend and actively participate in Tuesday's Faculty Meeting

3. Incorporate at least one of the Global Themes into your classroom activities, lessons, etc. See a listing of resources here and here.

4. Contact the parents of all students who are underperforming/failing and provide a plan for remediation and assistance.

5. Everyone report to duty as scheduled. See roster here.

6. Read the Monday Message in its entirety (including the articles linked and inserted). Also view the video clips, reflect, and adjust your practices where needed.

October Staff Birthdays

Haley Calore – 10/3

Kelly Williams – 10/3

Sheila Inabinet – 10/5

Shannon Avery – 10/8

Deborah Burkett – 10/14

Janet Hudson – 10/20

Tonya Scicere – 10/21

Clare Bellucci – 10/22

Please join me in wishing these staff members a happy birthday.

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1. Everyone that engaged in Service and Compassion this past week - Last week, we had one of the most difficult weather events happen in our city. A lot of families and communities were impacted by these events. Everytime I turned on the news, I observed so many people engaged in service to our community. I want to take a moment to extend a huge iAM shout out to everybody at IMS who engaged in some type of service and compassion. iAM so proud of you for being examples of excellence last week. Please join me in recognizing all those individuals for their outstanding practices. Let's give everyone who participated a huge iAM shout out.
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Contacting Parents (Reminder) - I received my first of several complaints of parents this week related to teachers contacting parents when students demonstrate a level of underperformance/failure. I want to remind all teachers of the following:

1. Update all gradebooks weekly. Parents are checking the parent/portal and need to see their student's progress in order to help.

2. Contact all parents of students who are in danger of failing or have grades that indicate failure. During that conversation, develop a plan to assist that student in mastering core knowledge and skills.

Rescheduled Events - Due to the floods coupled with our week away from school, we were forced to reschedule several events. The following events have been postponed and will be rescheduled:

  1. Community Meeting - was scheduled for 10/15. Is being rescheduled
  2. Magnet Recruitment Filming - was scheduled for 10/15. Is being rescheduled
  3. Parent Teacher Conferences - was scheduled for 10/8 & 10/12. Is being rescheduled as a report card pick-up night on Thursday October 29th from 5:30-7:30pm

Re-Teaching Expectations - As our students have been out of school for five days, it will be imperative that we re-teach all rules, expectations, procedures so that we can re-establish culture, climate, and norms in all areas of campus. For those classes that were difficult, this is a perfect time to start all over and re-establish your expectations.

Closing Thoughts

This week's Monday Message contains a calendar to guide our week ahead and events on the horizon. As we return to school following a very difficult week, students will be very vulnerable. The degree of compassion shown will determine how they respond. I am asking all staff members to positively engage with students by lifting and committing the following Expeditionary Learning Design Principles:

Empathy and Caring - Learning is fostered best in communities where students’ and teachers’ ideas are respected and where there is mutual trust. Learning groups are small in with a caring adult looking after the progress and acting as an advocate for each child. Older students mentor younger ones, and students feel physically and emotionally safe.

Service and Compassion - We are crew, not passengers. Students and teachers are strengthened by acts of consequential service to others. The primary functions is to prepare students with the attitudes and skills to learn from and be of service.

if you want CHANGE, you have to be WILLING to be UNCOMFORTABLE (just like the students) Let's have an amazing week of teaching, learning and assessment. Join me in our pursuit of excellence by embracing new thinking and new practices so you can get new results.

Robert S. Jackson, Ed.S., Principal

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