Rick would not clean the dishes

by: Rick Shi

Rick would not clean the dishes,

no matter how much his family wishes.

He would rather play a game,

than go through all the pain.

The dishes would pile up,

and the house would smell like dried doughnuts and dead duck.

The dishes flooded everywhere,

the family had stink living in their hair.

But no matter how much the neighbor wishes,

Rick still would not clean the dishes.

From a mile away you can smell the stink,

you would try to hold your breath till your face turns pink.

So once Ricks friends wouldn't play.

Fine I will wash the dishes Rick would say.

But we all knew there was to much muck,

so Rick had to bring it all up.

Ding! Went the dishes so clean,

it was the most cleanest you would have ever seen.

But once Rick's friends came back again,

the same cycle would start again.