Welcome To Louisiana

By Ciara

The land

There land in Louisiana has 3 main areas. It in clues West Gulf Plain. The Mississippi Alleluia Plain/ and the East Gulf Coastal Plain.At the West Gulf Plain it has sandy beseech and flat plains.


Americans have lived in Louisiana for thousands of year. These people was called Poverty point, Louisiana homes were made of mud and grass Along time age.Robert d la sale claimed the Land for France in 1682 so Robert d la name Louisiana.

Fast Fact

Longest boxing math in history was in Louisiana. Very hot tasting sauce is made in Louisiana it is called Tasting sauce.All the crayfish is made in 1868 all crayfish is made in the world.


Louisiana Cities

People around world visit New Orleans. New Orleans has many places to eat. There is a area in New Orleans it is called the French Quarter. It is the homes towns in Louisiana.