Eastside: One Team, One Dream

"We never lose. We either win or we learn. - Nelson Mandela

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Week of January 21st

Eastside's Mission

Our mission is to build a strong educational foundation while meeting the unique needs of our students.

Eastside's Vision

Working in partnership with the community, Eastside Elementary will provide all students:

  • A collaborative team of professionals who are committed to improve their practices, so that all students learn at high levels

  • A safe, positive, and inviting learning environment

  • An engaging and challenging curriculum focused on essential academics and life skills

  • Individualized and timely support that provides students with what they need to succeed

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Thinking about Martin Luther King Jr and his wise words made me think of the number of kids under our care that are dreamers! Have you ever stopped to think about who influenced Martin Luther King Jr? Who spoke words of encouragement into him?

Think about our students. What are we doing to help them reach their dreams? How are we helping mold them and give them an opportunity to chase their thoughts about equality, character, and a better world? We have all kinds of future leaders in our rooms. Are we speaking words of encouragement to them? Are we saying the powerful words, "I believe in you!"? Are we equipping them with all the academic skills they will need to pursue their dreams? Set a goal this week to say "I believe in you" to at least three kids that need to hear it most!

I hope all of your ears were burning last week. I was at Master Principal for three days and I got to brag on all of you a lot! You all are doing great things as professionals and great things for individual kids. Keep making a difference!

If you are curious about how our dream is going for Eastside, the ACT Aspire Interim 2 data is complete. You may be wondering how we compare to the other elementary schools in the district. We finished with 4 first places, 4 second places, 2 third places and 2 fourth places. Can we say GROWTH!!! We aren't there yet and won't be until every kid achieves their dream!

(At this point last year for Interim 2, we had 3 first place, 1 second place, 1 third place and 7 fourth places.)

Be aware of the importance of each day!

  • 50 important practices until K-2 Summative MAP (THE BIG GAME)
  • 55 important practices until 3rd-4th Summative ACT (THE BIG GAME)
  • 60 important practices until 5th Summative ACT (THE BIG GAME)

Hattie's Corner: Great Examples from our own teachers!

Mr. Oseguera's Strategy using Hattie's Strategy of Classroom Discussion (effect size of 0.82)

In our class we are exploring fraction concepts. I handed each student 5 cards that included fractions with unlike denominators, and each student had the same 5 cards. I asked the students to place their binders up like dividers and sort the cards in order from smallest value to largest value. After about 2-3 minutes I asked the students to stand up and rotate clockwise at their tables and examine their table partners' work. They were not allowed to discuss anything or change anything at this point. After about 30 seconds to a minute, I would ask them to rotate again. This process continued until they rotated back to their seats. Once they got back to their seats, each group was allowed to begin a group discussion about what they believed the correct order was. Students would ask me questions like, "is this correct?" and I would respond with a question like, "well why did you decide to say that 5/6 is greater than 4/5." When I asked this question, it required them to justify the size of the pieces, the amount of the pieces, and/or the size of the piece that was missing. In one class there was a group that was a little behind and pretty off the mark with their justification, so I split that group up and sent each student to another group that was able to articulate their understanding well. In another class there was a group that accurately justified their answers rather quickly (but I didn't tell them they were correct), so I split that group up and sent each student to another group to contribute to the that groups' conversation.

Franklin's Strategy using Hattie Strategy of Goal Setting (effect size of 1.33)

After discussing ACT Aspire scores with each student individually, I found that they needed some type of tool to help them create an action plan of how they were going to move from scoring "In Need of Support" to "Close", "Close" to "Ready", and "Ready" to "Exceeding". I decided to look at the Performance Level Descriptors that ACT Aspire offers, which provide lists of skills students possess who score in that category. I put this "next steps" information into student-friendly language and created a flow chart (see flow chart below for an example) for each of the tested areas: Interpretation of Data, Scientific Investigation, and Evaluation of Models, Inferences, and Experimental Results. Students have copies of these flow charts in their data binders, and are able to refer to them to create reachable goals for themselves for the upcoming interim test.
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Details for the Week


  • Please nominate a student for our Student Action Team. Here is the link to the form. https://forms.gle/rACJ4ZQjFS32DWWe6

  • Panther Store will be this week during block. Once I hear back from PTO, I will let you know a day.

  • Growing English Language Learners of Greenbrier: December 2019 See this link for ideas to assist your English Language Learners.

  • Please make sure to have lesson plans out on your desk and reading lesson plans on your reading table each day. Your reading plans need to be a week's worth of complete plans that are ready on your first day of instruction. We understand that you may adjust things, but the plans must be thoroughly thought out for the week prior to the week starting.

  • Read as One Book - This week we are reading chapters 11-12. Make sure to place this on your newsletter each week. Encourage parents to send pictures of their kids reading so we can post on social media.

  • We need PICTURES to post on social media! Please make sure you send pictures to Mrs. Krogman and myself of all the great things happening in your rooms with a small description of what is happening in the photo. Feel free to have a kid take a few so you will be in some of the photos. We want to brag on all the great things that kids are learning.

  • Hattie strategy: This week it's free game. Feel free to pick any strategy we have learned about it first semester or during the month of January.

  • If you would like to be featured in the newsletter, feel free to send me a blurb about the strategy you are using in your room.

  • Mid year PGPs are coming up. Some of you have them digitally and some have them face to face on January 27th. Make sure to ask me any questions you have about this.


DIBELS and MAP PM Assessments

  • DIBELS PM will be for grades 3-5.

  • MAP PM will be for grades 2nd and 3rd.


  • Enjoy Celebrating Martin Luther King Jr Day


  • Bring It On Board is ready! I know lots of great peer observations will be taking place this week. The goal is for you to learn from one another. If the person you are observing would like feedback, they will have the form sitting out with a pom pom beside it. (If you still have a pom pom from our assembly, please return to the office.)
  • Here is the link https://forms.gle/rACJ4ZQjFS32DWWe6.If you are going to observe, please sign up under 1 - 4. You don't have to place your name. You can just put an X. Teachers wanted to keep the number of visitors manageable, so as not to distract students.


  • Content Team meetings for 3-5 and K-2 as normal
  • Science at 8:25
  • Literacy at 9:20
  • Math at 10:10
  • We will have an ADE School Board Member observing some of our 3-5 team meetings with Lynette Thrasher, who is also from ADE
  • We will begin passing the MVP Player of the Week and All Star Team of the Week during team meetings. If you have either of these awards, bring them to your meeting. You will let us know who you are passing it to and which schoolwide collective commitment they are showing. This will ensure that we pass it each week! Thank you Celebration Committee for working out this small snag for the school.
  • Guiding Coalition meets at 3:10


  • SIT meets
  • Behavior Team meets with Mrs. Krogman at 3:10


  • Staff Meeting at 7:40

  • 100th day of school - You may wear a 100th day shirt instead of a Greenbrier shirt that day with your jeans.

  • 5th grade Pizza Party during their lunch. These students will still get a tray or bring their normal lunch from home. Let us know if there are any allergies for any students.

  • No clubs (Do not tell kids it is a no club day - we want them here at school.)

  • Mrs. Worthey will be with us observing kindergarten. We are excited to have her help us out and provide feedback on the Science of Reading.

  • Recess Meetings will occur and we will focus on how are we differentiated the work for students that are performing at grade level or above. Bring your MAP quadrant chart that I printed out for you in color.

  • Lil' Dribblers perform at 6 PM.

Important Dates (Refer to EES 2019- 20 Calendar shared by Mrs. Krogman)

Jan 29 - Class Picture Day

Jan 29 - Content Team Meeting Day

Jan 29 - Guiding Coalition meets at 3:10

Jan 30 - Mrs. Worthey observes 1st grade

Jan 30 - Lil' Dribblers perform at Central Baptist College at 6:00 PM

Feb 3rd - Team Meeting Day

Feb 4th and 5th - Dennis King and Mrs. Bailey here for Project Planning

Feb 5th - Guiding Coalition meets with King and Bailey half day AM

Feb 6th - Lil Dribblers at 6 PM

Feb 7th - Staff Meeting (no clubs)

Feb 10 - 11 Hillman here to address assessment with teams

Feb 11 - Board Meeting

Feb 11 - 1:30 dismissal

Feb 13 - 1:30 dismissal for Parent Teacher Conferences

Feb 14 - Spirit Day at 8:30 and Valentine Parties at 2:00 PM

Feb 17 - No School President Day

Feb 18 - Lil' Dribblers at 7 PM

Feb 19 - Team Meeting Day

Feb 19 - Guiding Coalition meets at 3:10

Feb 25 - Spring Picture Day

Feb 25 - Lil' Dribblers perform

Feb 26 - Team Meeting Day

Feb 26 - 27 Dr Howse with Math teachers

Feb 27 - Digital Learning Day


March 4 - Guiding Coalition meets at 3:10

March 6 - Staff Meeting (no clubs)

Words to Live By This Month


PRIDE WORD = Dependable