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Body systems affected

The skeletal system is affected by dwarfism by curving the spine sideways.
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Target Population

Achondroplasia, the most common form of dwarfism, can be found in anyone of any ethnicity. There is an equal chance of both genders to get it.

Describe how the body system works when it is working normally and then explain how this body system is affected by your chosen condition or disease process.

The skeletal system works normally by making a framework for your muscles and organs. When you have a kind of dwarfism your forearms and calves shrink. Another type of dwarfism can bend your spine to the side.
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Dwarfism - What You Need To Know


Dwarfism is a genetic mutation but can be spontaneous as well. It can be also be evident at birth.


Dwarfism is evident from birth but it can be identified later in a kid's life. All of the physical symptoms start to appear as a child develops.

Signs and Symptoms

They can have large flat heads, flat nose bridges, broad or club feet. Also they can have barrel chested appearances and cleft palettes, they have limited range of motion and curved spines.


Almost everyone who has dwarfism can have a normal and long lifespan.


Dwarfism can be treated with a growth hormone or physical therapy to improve their range of motion. Also they could get surgery to get their tonsils removed so they can breath better or they could get surgery to widen their spinal canals to relieve compression on their backs.