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Quarterly Newsletter, 1st edition

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this first edition of our Newsletter is about what is currently going on in Aiesec in Innsbruck. The Executive Board of the Term 15/16 will talk about their areas and the great leadership experience they had during the last year. Besides that the super motivated EB 2016/17 will be announced and the goals for the next year.

Additionally that we would like to get in touch with our history, so we would like to invite you to our first Alumni Evening!

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The Newsletter Team

The Executive Board "Eagles" 2015/16

Lieva Wirnsperger - Local Commitee President

As an LCP for the term 2015/16 I was responsible for the management and coordination of the Local Committee. This included the strategic direction as well as the development of the organisation. Next to the management of the Executive Board, I represented our Local Committee on local, national and international level internally and externally.

From my opinion the biggest success we had as an Executive Board is the development of the LC culture. Through cutting the HR structure and the implementation of specific LC activities and trainings we made sure that each member has a valuable experience. Other than that we focused on the representation of the LC on the campus and can proudly say that from our experience AIESEC in Innsbruck is more known on different campuses of the university today.

For me personally the LCP experience was a very special one. From one day to the other you are responsible for a group of around 30 people and you are working every hard on your goals and the development of the LC and each member. I learned a lot regarding decision making, working in a team and time management.

Marie Sonnauer - Outgoing Global Exchange

My Area is organising the internships and social projects for students in IBK who wanna go abroad. The OGX Team consult students and supports the application process. The OGX Team works on country partnerships to facilitate the internship research and to insure a high quality internship for each student. Furthermore not just logisitcally everything is managed by OGX, but also a personal preparation and reintegration for the internship is delivered.

My biggest success was to motivate the majority of my team in summer to apply for a leadership position and to engage a range of young people to take the step and go abroad.
Finally I've got an award for my performance as the best VP OGX in Austria 2015/2016.

My personal experience was to get better organised, to learn how to manage a team and how to work with different people. I've got more self-aware about my personal and professional goals and in general I can say that I'm more self-confident in a lot of things nowadays.

Nelly Briza - Incoming Global Talent Program

The goal of my area is to sell the idea of AIESEC through exchange to companies in Tyrol and Vorarlberg.

My biggest success was to create a motivating team spirit and increase the number of meetings with companies in the last semester from 2 to 36.
Leading a team, working in 3 teams at the same time (EB, national Commission, team) was a very interesting experience for me. Asode from that I created a big international network. I got to know people, who will always stay in my heart.

Teresa Marie Koller - Incoming Global Community Development Program

iGCDP in Innsbruck organizes social short term internships for students from abroad. In the last two years we worked together with schools and created projects like "Colors of the World" and "Career to Go".

We had a nice realization for Colors of the World and at the moment we have one for Career to Go. All our interns are highly motivated and pupils are very satisfied with them. This and more is possible because of the efficient work in the national iGCDP commission, national alignment and a MC VP for iGCDP.

This area can be really challanging but it is always awesome! You have to learn to be structured and always have a lot of things in mind. Also there are a lot of stakeholders for every project and we have to meet all the needs and expectations. In my experience iGCDP is the best area ever, since you can paln your own projects and change a lot of peoples lifes, views and perspectives! We are awesome, we are free, we are iGCDP!

Natalie Kruselburger - Public Relations & Marketing

The area is split in two parts. Marketing supports the core programs we offer for students: Youth Talent, Global Citizen and Global Talent and PR is responsible that people know what we are doing by being present in Newsletters, magazines and fairs.

My biggest success was the opening of the AIESEC in Innsbruck Facebook page and the management of it. Furthermore I conducted the unit-Workshop: Facebook-Marketing in order to inform people about what we are doing in AIESEC in an informal way. My vision was that in the next years AIESEC is also known for developing people outside from AIESEC by giving workshops for students.
I learned a lot about managing my time and at the same moment felt responsible for people and the area. This was moreover always in conflict with my studies because I loved the AIESEC work more than studying. For my future life it helps me a lot because I grew in my tasks and responsibilities. I know now that it is really important to love your job and go the extra mile in order to succeed.

David Kofler - Finance & Legal

Finance & Legal has the task to ensure the financial health of each entity. Because of that F&L has a huge say in its strategy and its operations. Also, relations with stakeholders of the organizations (Finanzamt, MC, Local Commitees, Exchange Participants ecc.) have to be maintained and the corresponding legal requirements have to be fulfilled.

My biggest success was the revision of LC Innsbruck's realized budget of the term 14/15 which contained some unfortunate errors.

My term was critical for me to develop an awareness of my talents and my weaknesses, and to get to know lots of talented and passionate personalities from all over the world whose points of view and outlooks on life will serve themselves and the world well.

The new Executive Board of AIESEC in Innsbruck

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"Climb mountains conquer the sky" - EB 2016/17

From the left to the right: Max Ebneth (VP Outgoing Global Exchange), Norman Jung ( VP Incoming Global Internship Program), Julia Newland (Local Committee President), Matthias Torggler (VP Talent Management & Marketing), Julia Eggert (VP Finance & Legal) and Josephine Pöll (VP Incoming Global Community Development Programm).

They are prepared, they are motivated and they are looking forward to rock their year!

Our Goals for the next Term

Our main goal for the next year is to realize 131 high quality leadership experiences through exchange. We want to develope our external brand position and take the successes of our predecessors to the next level.

Because of thet we would like to get to know our predecessors and invite you to our first Alumni Evening!

Alumni Evening

Saturday, April 2nd, 8pm


This should be a relaxed evening, where you can meet old friends or get in contact with the people who kept on working in the organisation you helped to build up. Please let us know if you can attend, so we can set up a location.

Please do not hesitate to share this event with other AIESEC Alumni.

Get in contact with us!:)

Julia Newland (LCP)