Mr. Schou

Who I Am

I have bee teaching Science since 2011. I moved to North Carolina from Michigan after I graduated from the University of Michigan and earned my Master's degree in Instructional Systems Technology through Indiana University.


I love science. I wish I had more time and initiative to read more books and articles about science. But that wasn't always the case. Throughout high school, I didn't find science any more interesting than any other subject. I was pretty well-rounded in school, but went into science because I was told that that's what smart kids do. I started out wanting to do biomedical research, but after working as a lab assistant my freshman year of college, I realized that it wasn't for me. But college gave me the opportunity to study areas of science that I was actually interested in, which led me to become a science teacher. Once I understood all of the boring fundamentals, I realized just how cool the cool science is. And now, I can't get enough.

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