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What's Up?

It was another long week of testing, but there is light at the end of the tunnel!

What's Next...

Monday, April 27th is the Social Studies Milestones test and that's it. The rest of the year will be spent looking forward into the 6th grade curriculum and doing fun activities.

This Thursday, April 30th, is Ms. Everly's last day and STEM night at the school.

Dates to Remember

April 27th- Social Studies Milestones and Progress Reports go home
April 30th- STEM night 6-7:30
May 1st- Science Assembly
May 5th- Middle School Visit
May 8th- Career Day
May 15th- Middle School Forms Due

The last day to master ALEKS concepts is May 22nd. Students who complete the 5th grade curriculum will get a surprise on May 26th.

Progress Reports and Behavior Contract

Monday, April 27th, 8am

1180 Leguin Mill Road

Locust Grove, GA

Attached to the Progress Report is a Behavior Contract. I've experienced too many instances of disrespect and witnessed a lack of effort in the last 3 weeks. Since I am not one to punish the entire class, I will hand out consequences on an individual basis if your child is not meeting classroom expectations. Consequences include missing fun activities: movies, field day, science day, middle school centers, etc. Thank you for your support as we end the year on a positive note.