Napoleon Bonaparte

By Anthony Alivo and Stuart Vent

Napoleon's Early Life

Napoleon Bonaparte was born in 1769 and lived in France. He attended school and learned French and later on graduated out of a French military academy. After graduating, Napoleon went on to become a second lieutenant in the French army. Napoleon would return to his military duties after leaving France with his family because of the Revolution.

After the Revolution

Napoleon commanded a large army that defeated Austria. They later signed a treaty which lead to territorial gains for France. The following year, the people who governed France let him lead an invasion on Britain but he suggested an attack on Egypt because they were trading with them. He succeeded but failed a battle on the Nile against Britain and abandoned his army in Egypt and fled back to France. After his return he overthrew the French Directory. He became the political leader and defeated Austria and drove them out of Italy and agreed to make a peace treaty with Britain which lasted a year. Napoleon would later crown himself Emperor.

Napoleon's Downfall

After giving away the Louisiana Territory to the United States he wanted to gain money for future wars and this became the Louisiana Purchase. After Napoleon sent his troops to Moscow, the population was evacuated and the troops were retreating, the merciless and aggressive Russian army came back to fight. Out of the 600,000 troops, only 100,000 troops made it out of Russia. After losing many wars he was exiled to Elba and later escaped.

Napoleon's Last Years

Napoleon came back to France and began his 100 day campaign and trained a new army. He defeated allied army's. But his troops went to invaded Belgium were British and Prussians were stationed. He was once again forced to abdicate. Napoleon was exiled to Saint Helena were he died. He was buried on the island. In 1840, he was returned to France and was entombed in a crypt.