Pennsylvania, Middle Colony

By: Hannah G

Quakers Beliefs

A man named William Penn disagreed with other churches and the way they did things. Penn was put in jail several times before coming to America because of his beliefs. He was going to start a new colony where the Quakers could live safely.

Pennsylvanaia Growing

When Penn started his new colony it attracted a number of people from other regions and countries. Penn was good friends with the natives. Sadly slaves were brought to the colony even though Quakers did not like slavery.

Pennsylvania Economics

Pennsylvania developed a very good economic system with many jobs. Farmers raised cows and other animals , they also grew crops. Other colonist became lumbermen, miners, merchants, and craft men . Quakers merchants and farmers became quiet wealthy .

Pennsylvania Goverment

Pennsylvania government had a governor and a provincial council that made the laws. They had general assemblies . All male property owners could vote for members of the assembly .


Pennsylvania has all different kinds of things, so many that this whole poster cant hold them all.