followers of judaism are called jews

judaism and jews

Judaism revolves around the god of Abraham. they believe in one god which is called a monotheism. Moses is the most important prophet in Judaism. there holy book is called the tenakh. the three parts of the tenakh are the nevi, ketuvim, and the torah. the torah includes the early history of the Hebrews, and the 613 commandments that help a Jew live a moral and good life. they only eat kosher foods which means they can't eat pork, some dairy products, ETC. the place of worship for the Jews is called a synagogue. there worship leader is called a rabbi. the sects of Judaism are orthodox, conservative, and reformed. they celebrate Yom Kippur, which is the day that we think about all of the things that we have done wrong and correct them. the three things you must do on Yom Kippur are to not eat or drink, ask for forgiveness, and pray all day/act like angels. they also celebrate a holiday called Rosh Hashanah. on this day [the Jewish new year] they eat honey dipped apples because it is sweet and they want a sweet year, they pray for the people of Israel, and they blow a horn called a shofar to represent that in the new year they will stay awake. there holiest city is Jerusalem, which is there sacred city of all the prophets.