Ancient Greece

By: Franki Evans


My project is about Ancient Greece. My first topic is about The Beginnings of Ancient Greece. I learned about how Ancient Greece started. Then my second topic is about Slavery in Ancient Greece. What I learned from that topic is what slaves did. Last the topic of Daily Life in the Age of Pericles. I learned what Ancient Greece life style.

The Beginnings of the Ancient Greece

Ancient Greece story's began between 1600 and 1900 BC. The language they spoke was Indo-European-speaking. They came from East of the Caspian Sea in the grasslands. They entered the peninsula from the North. The tribes invaded the Aegean Basin. The first invaders were in-haired Achaens. Dorians came 3 or 4 centuries later.

Slavery in Ancient Greece

Ancient Greece had slaves as a matter of fact two-fifths of the population was slaves. Slaves labored much of the wealth in Ancient Greece. Slavery was a peculiar institution in Ancient Greece. If a slave was really smart everyone wanted him or her. Many slaves though were really miserable. The slaves were sent in gangs to work in silver mines.

Daily Life in the Age of Pericles

They would normally eat two meals a day. It would be bread, vegetables, fruit and wine. There houses don't have chimneys. They only had holes in there roofs to let smoke out. There weren't on the first floor. They didn't have any plumbing. Men talked about polotics and women stayed home and did household chores.


This is all for my project. I researched about The Beginnings of Ancient Greece, Slavery in Ancient Greece, and Daily Life in the Age of Pericles. The one I was most interesting to me was the Daily Life in the Age of Pericles. I found it interesting because you can learn about the daily life of people in Ancient Greece. I hope you enjoyed my project!


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