Hagerman High School Newsletter

May 2023

In a short while the class of 2023 will pass an important milestone in life: Graduation. It marks the end of high school and the beginning of a bright future. But more importantly, graduation marks an achievement. By graduation date, the class of 2023 will have met the challenges given to them as students – to learn, grow and make a positive difference at Hagerman High School.

We will do everything possible to make this year's graduation ceremony a worthy and honorable event, filled with memories to treasure for a lifetime. It is a ceremony of honor and recognition that links students to the graduates of past and future generations. It is also a proud public announcement — those who are receiving diplomas will have earned the rights and privileges due to a high school graduate.

We wish to congratulate each of the graduating seniors on their many accomplishments and we thank them for their contributions to Hagerman High School. Parents and guardians, thank you for the support, you have given your child and our school throughout the years!

We wish you the very best!

Hagerman High School Administration, Faculty, & Support Staff

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We are in the last stretch of the Race for 2022-2023!!!

Important Dates/Topics:

Happy Teacher and Staff Appreciation Week, May 8-12!

May 1-5-----------------------------------MAP Testing for all grades 9-12 (ELA/Math)

May 3-5-----------------------------------State Track Meet (Albuquerque)

May 8---------------------------------------FFA Banquet 6:00pm

May 9-11---------------------------------Senior Finals

May 12------------------------------------Senior Field Trip (SantaFe & Albuquerque)

May 17------------------------------------Baccalaureate 6:00pm (Auditorium)

Scholarships/Awards in the Common's Area

May 20th---------------------------------Graduation 7:00pm

May 22-------------------------------------Sports Banquet 6:00pm

May 22-25-------------------------------Final Exams for grade 9-11

May 26------------------------------------Last Day of School

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Hagerman Prom 2023