Feb. 1-5

Mrs. Sacket-Mowers, 6th Grade

Upcoming Events:

* Tuesday, Feb 9 is our first Walk the Loop PE! Please make sure your child has brought back a signed permission form, or he/she will stay on campus and do alternate PE.

* Camp Consent Form (White) due Feb. 11

* Camp Behavior/Bus Permission Form (Blue) due Feb 11

* Camp payment due Feb. 26 ($320 to Alderwood Elementary. Write student name on memo line).

* Money can be brought to my classroom or dropped off in the office with Ms. Joann.

* We don't want anyone to stay home from camp due to financial constraints. If you need financial assistance, please contact Mrs. Rydman. If you'd like to make a donation to help those who need assistance, you can contact me or donate directly in the office. See Ms. Joann).

* Valentine's Day - Students may distribute Valentine's to the class on Thursday, if they want. If so, they should bring one for each student (we have 32 kids total).

Questions to ask:

* Can you convert the score on your math test into a percent? (I deliberately did NOT put a percent on them)

* Name one of the properties you've reviewed in class this week. Can you tell me what it gives you the power to do?

* The original expression is 6 (3 + 2) + 14 * 2 . Can you make an equivalent expression using a property (ask what property was used). Can you deliberately make an expression that ISN'T equivalent (ask what property was broken).

* What was the value of the N Box when it was being tossed around to students? (we didn’t know—it was unknown)

*What does “evaluate” mean?(Find the value of. Can only do this with an expression when someone gives us a value to use for N. Otherwise we don’t know.)

*Tell me about Ancient China’s geography. (Physically isolated- water, deserts, and mountains.)

*What philosophies did you learn about this week? (Legalism, Confucianism, and Daoism)

*Compare Legalism and Daoism. (Legalism viewed human nature as wicked so there should be strong rules/consequences and a strong government. Daoism encouraged individuals to live in harmony with nature and with inner self- did not want to be involved in government.)

*What is your new chapter in Science? (Volcanoes)

*What can you tell me about the three types of volcanoes you studied?

*How is your Chromebook research going?

Missing Assignments

* E-mails from Aeries sent Wednesday. If you did not receive an e-mail- your child was up to date on all work as of Wednesday.

* We request that any missing work questions be discussed between your child and us (Mrs. Holder & Mrs. Sacket-Mowers)- this is a safe place for them to learn how to do this!

* Thanks for directing your students to talk with us (before school, recess, lunch, and afterschool) instead of emailing us first!

* Suggestions to discuss at home when you find a missing assignment red box- check binder, desk, at home, backpack, and the Fred/Mildred “No Name” file.