Kaley A. and Grace T.

William Shakespeare

William Shakespeare was a famous author. Shakespeare was born in 1564 and died mysteriously in 1616. When he was 18 years old he married a woman named Anne Hathaway who was 26. They had 3 children named Susanna, Hamnet, and Judith.

Interesting Facts

Shakespear wrote very many famous plays from tragedies, to comedies. Some of his famous plays consisted of Hamlet, Romeo and Juliet, Macbeth, Othello, Henry IV, Julius Caesar, and Antony and Cleopatra. A few more plays written by Shakespear were The Comedy of Errors, Alls Well that Ends Well, and a Midsummer Nights Dream.

He also played roles in some of the plays he wrote. Shakespear had over 29,000 that he used in his vocabulary.