Eatwell Meal Supply - Pure Veg only

Only way to tasty,healthy,nutritius and hygienic daily meal

While you work harder to achieve your goals, dont forget the importance of what you eat and make sure it is the best that you get and keeps you healthy to preserve what you earn.

Starting from Rs. 1800 per month* (Delivery Charges of Dabbewalas Extra)Only Monday to FridayWe carefully pay attention to one of your Important Basic Need i.e. "Food"- without compromising on the taste, quality and hygiene. (We Eat what we Serve)“We have always been people’s priority for our quality & taste”If you can easily get variety of fresh Home-made food, why do you want to mess with your health by eating outside food? What you get from us - Healthy, Tasty & hygienic meal supply at your doorstep.Our chefs provides you the blend of many Indian authentic cuisine to keep the interest of your tastebuds on.Every Friday Surprise Menu.Highest quality of raw material is used. Complete Cleanliness is maintained in the kitchen. Only boiled water is used. Once you start eating our meal, like others you will start eagerly waiting for next day meal.

Be with us and stay healthy

We accept Monthly Subscriptions only. ( Meal Supply Monday - Friday)                   Economy Meal @ Rs.1800 Per month + Dabbewalas Delivery Charges*       Standard Meal @ Rs.2400 Per Month + Dabbewalas Delivery Charges*                        Delux Meal @ Rs.2700 Per Month + Dabbewalas Delivery Charges**                (Dabbewalas Per Month Delivery Charges are Rs.500-Rs.600 Per Month depending on the Location)