Blogging 101

Helpful Hints to Get You Started

Blogging is fun!

You can do it with students or on your own. It's a fantastic way to stretch yourself, reflect and share with others. Here you will find tips for blogging with your students or even just for yourself.

Here's is one teacher's explanation of why you should blog with your students: Why Blog With 6 & 7 Year Olds.

Pick a Place

  1. Kidblog is great for controlling privacy. You can keep it completely locked down.
  2. All of them have privacy choices so you can set it up that comments have to be approved.
  3. Wordpress is the most complicated, but offers the most bells and whistles (I wouldn't have it as a student blog but it is great for personal use or at upper high school level).
  4. If you are going to blog with your students, it is best if you have been blogging already yourself. Summer is a great chance to get your feet wet.