Texas Military Bases

Kyle Carlson

Fort Hood

Fort Hood was named after Confederate General John Bell Hood and is located on the edge of the city killeen,Tx. It one of the largest united states military installations worldwide and is home to many units, such as the 1st Cavalry Division, 4th Infantry Division, Command third Corps, 504th Military Intelligence Brigade, 21st Cavalry Brigade Air Combat and much more.

Because of its large open land, the post was originally established by the war department in 1942 as a large training and testing site for tank destroyers used in World War 2. These tanks created for defense against Germany’s mobile armored divisions. Throughout the years of war, Fort Hood was also home to about 4,000 prisoners from war.

Dyess AFB

Dyess AFB is located on the southern edge of the city of Abilene, Tx. Abilene has a population of about 100,000 people and is considered the economic center of the 22 county area in West Texas. The base is about 183 miles southwest of Dallas and about 250 miles north of San Antonio. There are only four main highways to access Dyess AFB. Dyess is home to the B-1B, C- 130, and T-38 planes. The most major command is the Air Combat Command. The 7th Bomb Wing maintains operations 38 of the B-1B aircraft and conducts training for personnel assigned to maintain or fly those planes. Another Major unit is the 317th Airlift Group. This group maintains the transport and the supply planes. Over 4500 military are assigned to this base of 491 employes. Dyess is known for being the most green. The base began using wind energy but know uses both wind and biomass energy for power.

Dyess was first names Abilene Army Air Base established in 1942. When the Korean War had started the surrounding area lobbied for a military presence. To show their sincerity, the community raised 800,000 to purchase land to give to the government to establish a permanent base. Shortly thereafter the base was renamed Dyess Air Force Base in honor of Lt. Colonel William Dyess of nearby Albany, Tx who died in a plane crash refusing to abandon the plane and risk civilian deaths.

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