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Culture :)

  • What drinks are common in Suriname? What food is common in Suriname? tea, bread, and jam for breakfast usually. rice with vegetables, meat or fish for lunch. Ginger beer and stroop (a sweet drink available in many different flavors.) Other common foods are bami goreng (fried noodles) and Roti (chicken curry wrapped in flour pancake.)

  • What holidays do Suriname celebrate and how? The people of Suriname begin celebrating a week before New Year's. Fireworks are shooting everywhere, from peoples yards or professional. On New Year's Eve, Paramaribo holds street dances and parties. No one stays later than midnight, they hurry home to see the ball drop.

  • What sports do they play in Suriname? Voetbal (soccer) is most popular in Suriname. Track and swimming for young athletes is a good choice. They usually look up Anthony Nesty and Letitia Vriesde. There is also Thai boxing using only your arms, elbows, knees, and legs. Karate and judo are also commonly found here.

Geography :)

  • Does Suriname have any famous forests? Not really any famous forest but there are some interesting forests with many different types of wildlife in them.

  • How much water does Suriname have? 7,820 sq km. coming from Suriname, Tapanahoni, Lawa, Litani, Koatani Rivers. There is also water coming from Marouinl Van Bloommestein Meer. Stondansie Projekt, and Kabel Projekt.

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  • What resources does Suriname take in? Suriname usually takes in rice, coffee, sugarcane, and banana plantations.

  • How poor or rich is Suriname? The governments budget was strained by high inflation in 2010 and had to raise taxes to reduce the budget deficit.

  • What does Suriname majorly export? Alumina, gold, and oil accounting for about 85 percent of exports in Suriname.


  • When did Suriname become an independent country? Was there a war? Suriname became an independent country in 1975, local leaders argued back and forth about Suriname earning its full independence, but there was no full on war.

  • When did Suriname become a country? Suriname became a country the day they gained independence, November 25th, 1975.

  • When was the first war for Suriname and who won? There was a battle between the Netherlands and Great Britain because they both wanted control over Suriname. This war occurred May 5th, 1804.