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  • Saluda Shoals on Monday!

Please have your child wear his or her 5th grade shirt. If your child does not have a 5th grade shirt, any Dutch Fork shirt or blue shirt is fine.

  • Please send any Magnolia Plantation money in with your child

Parent HW :-)


We cannot express our thanks enough for taking time to live our life our readers at home. Your insights into the Langston Hughes poem "As I Grew Older" prompted amazing conversation. Multiple perspective continues to be a focus for us. It is so important to take time to think through the lens of others. Greatest appreciations again for the questions and thoughts.
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Literacy Pals

Poetry Unit of Study

We are concluding our poetry unit of study, next week. This Tuesday your children assisted their Literacy Pal in drafting a poem to publish. It is so cool to be able to observe the impact your children have on live's of others. #priceless

Some of our "poem-ish studies" in our classroom include:

  • rhyme scheme
  • allusions
  • anonymous
  • connotation
  • tone
  • shift
  • paraphrase
  • theme
  • free verse
  • alliteration
  • figurative language (imagery, hyperbole, simile, metaphor, personification, onomatopoeia, idiom)

Unfortunately, we did not get to visit with our Literacy Pals in Ms. Sumpter's room due to the crazy weather this week. Too many of our friends were out, but we will see them next week!

1920s Student Expert Lessons

The Life of a Historical Researcher...

Our process

  • choose a topic of interest
  • develop research questions & chart our questions
  • use primary and secondary sources to gain understanding
  • establish components of an efficient lesson
  • prepare a visual aid (presentation or poster)
  • development assessment questions
  • practice and anticipate questions

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