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Mission: ILH uses personalized learning and design thinking experiences to grow collaborative, entrepreneurial problem-solvers who leave ILH with an individualized post-secondary success plan.

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HUB = Help Us Build

Invent Learning Hub values community! We believe that a school is always better when the community wraps its arms around it, supports it, is invested in it, and was a part of building the vision. The reason we call ourselves "hub" is because we see ourselves as a community hub! We are now working to bring back School 20. Many local community members who have a history in this school are excited to see it brought back to life. Our founder, Aleicha Ostler, spent her first two years as a teacher in this building. The school administrative assistant was a student in this building. In fact, he first met Ostler as one of her students in her fifth grade class. The ILH staff is thrilled to watch as the school is repaired and mended and will soon form more memories for students as they walk the halls. Below are a few pictures of renovation work starting in the building. The staff is excited to show off the space once it is complete.

Hello from our Design Thinking Teacher, Mr. Muhammad!

Hello, my name is Van Muhammad and I am very enthusiastic about science! I grew up in Brooklyn, New York; known as the concrete Jungle :-). There, I studied art and took a liking to science at an early age. After graduating from The High School of Art and Design in Manhattan, New York; I moved to Texas where I studied biology at Wiley College. I knew I wanted to work in the science field once I graduated from college thus I decided to work in the pharmacy to start off. I was able to transition to the Pathology Lab at Eskenazi Hospital where I stayed for several years. I was fortunate enough to gain a position at Dow Agro Sciences where I managed production and storage of crop seeds.

My experience has led me into the classroom as an effective secondary science teacher for the past few years. I now make my transition into the primary school setting, to spark the interest of critical thinking and science in our little ones. I believe that if the seed of curiosity and exploration is planted early, it can mature and grow throughout our children's lives ultimately paving the way for a better future.

Community Corner: Traders Point Creamery!

As part of our drive to provide our students with meaningful career experiences, we will be partnering with Traders Point Creamery on the Northwest side of Indianapolis. We will be working with Head Gardener, Taylor Flannagan, to develop an experience that fits with Traders Point's mission to encourage education of farming and nutrition and promote a community of local food and sustainable farming, reconnecting farmers & consumers. The first semester of our Pathways program will work through 5 career clusters that will use a field trip to Traders Point as the catalyst for all of the career experiences. We are so excited to be working with an organization that believes in giving our students the opportunities they need to build 21st Century employable skills. Check out more about Traders Point on their website, Twitter, or Facebook page, and take your family up to meet the cows and eat some delicious food!

Big picture

We Need Your Help!

In our effort to provide our students with real world applications for the content and skills they’re learning, as well as expose each student to the plethora of careers that are available to them, we are beginning to building partnerships with local businesses and industry experts just like you! Through our Design Thinking course and Pathways program, we are looking for brave souls to share with our students the careers they work in, the paths they took to get there, and the skills that make them successful in their specific profession. If you are extremely passionate about this mission of career exposure, we would also love to visit several businesses to show our students what a day looks like for a career professional!

We are looking for volunteers in all career fields, so if you or someone you know is interested in volunteering your time, we would love to have you. Please click here to view more about the partnerships we are developing and how you can help. If you have a great idea, or someone we should connect with, please reach out to our Director of Academics, Gabriel Surface at or 812-344-8874.

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Important ILH Events

Invent Learning Hub May Board Meeting

Wednesday, May 1st, 5:30-7pm

1849 East Pleasant Run Parkway South Drive

Indianapolis, IN

ILH Work Day

Saturday, May 18th, 9am-4pm

1849 East Pleasant Run Parkway South Drive

Indianapolis, IN

Invent Learning Hub June Board Meeting

Wednesday, June 5th, 5:30-7pm

1849 East Pleasant Run Parkway South Drive

Indianapolis, IN

ILH Work Day

Sunday, June 9th, 9am-4pm

1849 East Pleasant Run Parkway South Drive

Indianapolis, IN