My Electronic Cigarette

Green Smoke a Perfect Fit

I used to often smoke while going out. As I am in sales, fortunately or unfortunately I have to go out a lot. Smokings used to keep me relax at work. But gradually this habit of mine grew more and more and I became a chain smoker. But soon I realize that these cigarettes were killing me. They do not do any good to me. I was frustrated and just want to stop smoking. But I was not able to do that as I tried it several time. I was not able to stop my craving.

Then one of my neighbors suggested me to use electronic cigarettes. These electronic cigarette worked wonders for me. I use Green Smoke electronic cigarette at present and started by vaping experience with Green Smoke’s disposable. After a satisfied experience with disposable I opted for the starter kits as it comprises of everything that is needed by me. This has been a great relief. I feel a lot better and just my mind seems to be more focused and I feel a lot sharper these days. I highly recommend this best electronic cigarette to all the smokers who are planning to switch.

I like Green Smoke e cigs as it is nice and light. Battery is decent. I appreciate having two batteries and sometimes share with my girl friend. We both are now social smokers and have cut down almost to one third. I think theses help you to cut down significantly on tobacco cigarettes as it is already a good start for me.