Salem Witch Trials

by Line and Sara


The Puritans were a group of religious people which took settlement in the America "the new world".

They came from England, and sailed to America in 1608 because they where religious persecuted, and they where afraid of losing their cultural identity.

They established several colonies in North America, and one of them were Salem.

Puritan believes

The puritans were Calvinistic Protestants. They thought that god was center of the universe, and they had to follow everything written in the bible, because it was the word of god.

In the bible there were written "Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live", and that was the background for the Witch Trials.

Witch hunts

The girls in Salem were oppressed and wanted to get out of their usual "roles". Usually women in Salem was supposed to be quiet. People also thought that they were naturally lustful, and therefore easier for the devil to get in contact with.

Therefore the girls wanted to gain respect and the power they wouldn't have been able to achieve otherwise.

The people in Salem feared witches, and therefore they blindly followed the others when witchcraft occurred. They didn't question the norms of the society.

Salem Witchcraft

It started when 12 girls accused Tituba of being a witch, Tituba was a slave and had demonstrated voodoo tricks and told stories from Barbados to the girls.

The girls started acting strange and accused also Sarah Good and Sarah Osbourne of witchcraft.

It got out of control and several other women were accused and sent to trial.

24 innocent people were hanged, mainly because of the girls use of spectral evidence, which were almost impossible to contradict.

When one of the convicted said a prayer perfectly, people began doubting the girls. They had been taking it to far, and a lot of innocent people died because of their "game".

And in 1693 the hysteria began to lose steam and the Witch Trials was ended.