Math with Someone

Daily 3 Math - Session 1

Why Daily 3 Math???

What is guided math?

~ Daily 3 Math ~

*Math by Myself

*Math With Someone

*Math Writing

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Let's Get Warmed up with Addition Tic Tac Toe

Recycle your old playing cards for this one...

You will use 0-9 for this game:

Separate your old cards into buckets for easy differentiation.







King= 0

joker - bonus

Math Talk Makes it Stick!

Data drives your decisions

Just as data informs the instructional decisions you make about guided math groups, it should drive your decisions about the practice needed in the Daily 3 rotations.

Example - Our recent CA shows that many of the students need more practice with place value. We can find a game that will allow time for them to explore place value with a partner by playing a game. They will turn in their recording sheet to you, so that you can see how the practice went for them.

Rock & Roll - Place Value Game

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Roll it, Make it, Expand it

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Tips for Teaching Place Value

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Batter's Up

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What is between???

You'll need cards for this one...

Data drives your decisions

Recent CA data shows that our young students need more practice determining a missing addend.

What's Under My Thumb?

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Salute - Card Game

Face Off (formerly known as War)

Talk about differentiation of this game

Face off can be played with limited cards

addition (including 3 addend war)



mixed operation


You may think of more ways to use this.... talk to a neighbor

Horse race for all ages

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Domino Dice Match

Follow the Leader

Pick a Side

Even Steven - Odd Todd

Choo Choo Express

Take some time to think about skills you need to teach or reinforce

Look through the books to find some games you would like to try.