International Women's Day!

Vanessa Lucie/ Cronk

Who? What? How?

Vanessa Cronk is my inspiration. She is my dance teacher and is an amazing one. I go to Lucie Benson school of dance every Saturday for about 3 hours and I love it. She is an amazing dance teacher and I couldn't wish for a better one. I do tap, jazz and ballet and she is a brilliant dancer as well. She pushes all of us to our best abilities and do the best we can and I feel I have improved to be a better dancer a lot more. We always have amazing shows which we all love to do with amazing costumes and then we also do exams which we are all prepared for and all get the highest marks. I think everyone at Lucie Benson school of dance really appreciates Vanessa and that is why she is inspiring to me. I want to be an amazing dancer like her!