By: Maddie


  • California is a U.S state
  • California is located on the coast of the pacific ocean
  • It covers 163,696 sq miles
  • Mojave desert is in California


  • Tule elk
  • California newt
  • Golden trout
  • Valley elderberry longhorn beetle
  • 181 species of terrestrial animals
  • 40 species of marine mammels


  • Gold rush happened in California
  • U.S civil war
  • Became a state in 1850
  • Different Native American tribes lived in California

Fun Facts

  • Los Angeles is the biggest state in California
  • Worlds first McDonalds opened in California
  • Hosted Summer and Winter Olympics

Mickey Mouse History/ Animation

  • Companies-Walt Disney and Pixar Animation
  • First movie with mickey mouse in it is Steamboat willie
  • Mickey mouse was created by Walt Disney and UB iwerks in 1928
  • First animated character to have a star on the hollywood walk of fame