The Things of 2003

By Zahria Jones

The Songs Of My Time

The Top Three Songs Of My Time

50 Cent - In Da Club [Explicit]
R Kelly Ignition with lyrics
Sean Paul-Get Busy

Styles of 2003

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The 03's

1. Finding Nemo came out on May 30,2003

2. The fedora came out.

3. That dark-hair-on-the-bottom look happened.

4.The trend of butt logos was beginning to blossom.

5.velour sweatsuits happen.

6. That’s So Raven came out.

7. Gas was $1.60 in 2003

8. George W. Bush was president.

9. Matchbox Twenty with the song “Unwell” in 2003

10. There was a war in Darfur.

11. Griffin iTrip was out in 2003.

12. The Xlerator Hand Dryer was out in 2003.

13. In Da Club by 50 Cent came out.

14. America’s Next Top Model came out in 2003.

15. All Grown Up came out.

16.The Ellen DeGeneres Show came out.

17. Robert Kardashian died in 2003 from a type of cancer.

18. Missy Elliott won video of the year at the MTV Music Awards.

19. Beyonce and Jay-Z won best female video award at the MTV Music Awards.

20. Justin Timberlake won Best Pop Video Award at the MTV Music Awards.