The 5 Major Branches of Chemistry

By: Olivia Wolfe


5 Chemists walk into a bar.
These chemists names are...

They see

that the bar is very disheveled

There are used glasses scattered around the bar, there is an extremely dirty fish tank in the corner, green moss is growing from the floor boards, an overabundance of dirty dishes in the kitchen with food on them, and there are various metals scattered around the floor

So what now?

They get to work

Ronald Belcher uses analytical chemistry to determine what the what the glasses are made of
Felisa Wolfe-Simon tests the algae growing in the fish tank and the moss on the floor to see how long they had been growing
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In the End

they solve the problem and find out hoe long the bar had looked like that, they cleaned up the mess and now they own the bar and serve their many happy customers.