By: Moses Mason III

The Basics

To be able to create a state there are a couple of steps.

1. The Enabling Act

2.Act of Admission

3. President signs the act the new state enters the union .

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Name : The Base

Year Founded : 1996 president at this time Bill Clinton

Governor: Bobby Womack

Population : 4.8 million

Counties : 64

Major exports and imports : Oil and Gas

Nickname : The To Real State

State Motto : We stay real never fake , let the haters hate .

Largest City : Houstonlanta which is the Capitol

Bordering states : Texas and Arkansas

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Government and Education

The two senators for our state are Tito Jackson and Jermaine Dupree .

House of Representatives : 8

Rivers : The Base River and Slip&Slide River

Universities and Colleges : The Base University and also Real Negro Community College


Football : The Base Bears

Baseball : Houstonlanta Jays

Basketball : Aqua Rockets