Fast Food Survival Guide

Eating Healthy on the Go!

1. Cut the Sugary Drinks

A large soda typically has 300 calories and 19 spoonfuls of sugar in it, and a shake can have 800 calories and 30 spoonfuls of sugar! Drinking water or unsweetened tea is a much better option that will save you a ton of empty calories and added sugar.

2. Say No to Fries

Most of the time, the main part of the meal will be more than filling, and fries just add extra calories, fat (especially if they're deep fried), and unnecessary sodium. If you still think a side is necessary, opt for a smarter choice like apple slices, a side salad with light dressing, or corn on the cob.

3. Sub Sandwiches? Less is More

When eating at restaurants that specialize in sandwiches, go with a smaller sandwich instead of a larger one. Or, get the large one and have half for lunch and save the rest for later. When choosing your toppings, go easy on fatty condiments like mayonnaise and processed meats, and go heavy on the veggies!

4. The Name's Chicken, Grilled Chicken

Grilled or rotisserie style chicken is a smarter fast food choice than breaded or deep fried chicken. Grilled chicken can be just as flavorful as fried chicken is, and it doesn't have all of the extra fat!

5. Thin Crust is Best

When eating at a fast food pizza chain, switch from hand tossed or deep dish crust to thin crust. It can drastically cut down on carbs and added sugar.

6. Side Salad? Keep it Light

Fast food salad dressings can be incredibly fatty. Asking for light dressing can help cut back on the fat, but an even better option is to ask for dressing on the side, which helps you control how much goes on your salad.

7. Taco Tuesday Tips

Soft tortillas have fewer calories than hard taco shells do, making them a better choice. Beans and rice are starches that can add hundreds of calories to your meal, so passing on them both as a side and in your burrito will be incredibly beneficial. Finally, one scoop of sour cream can have anywhere from 100-200 calories; avocado or guacamole is a healthier, low calorie option.

8. Pass the Bacon

Bacon can be a tempting addition to any burger, but it, like nearly all processed meats, is high in calories and fat with very few nutrients. A better option to get more flavor is to add extra pickles, onions, tomatoes, lettuce or mustard--these items are healthier, and typically cheaper too!

9. Eat the Most Important Meal of the Day a Healthier Way

Oatmeal is a great breakfast choice that many fast food restaurants offer, but it's incredibly important to watch the toppings you put in it. Ordering oatmeal without brown sugar, for example, can save you from eating 14 grams of added sugar. It's even possible to cut the added sugar sacrificing on flavor by adding fruit to your oatmeal. It's just as sweet without all the extra sugar!

10. When in Doubt, Kiddy Portion it Out

Almost all fast food restaurants have a kid's menu, and these burgers typically only have 250-300 calories in them, making them a easier, healthier choice than the burgers on the "adult" menu!