Economic News Investigations

By: Jaden J.

Dallas hospital hit by Ebola losing patients and money

This article was about the hospital that treated the guy who had Ebola. The patient died and the two nurses who treated him got Ebola, this has set the community on edge for trusting the hospital. Out of 900 beds in the hospital only 300 are filled. This is putting a huge dent in the hospitals revenue. Less patients mean less money. Revenue is the amount of income generated by a company. We learned about revenue when we talked about profit. Profit = revenue - cost of production.

Russia's currency won't stop falling

This article talked about the Russian ruble, the currency in Russia. The ruble is losing its value in comparison to the USD. Its value has dropped by 30% this year. This is related to inflation. If this gets worse it may become hyperinflation, and if that happened then the already stagnant Russian economy would be hit hard. People would lose confidence in their money and wouldn't be able to buy anything, because their money is essentially worthless.

Coming to America: chickens from China

This article talked about China selling frozen chicken un US stores. China does not meet the USDA standards for the chicken to be sold in the US, so the chickens can't be raised there. Frozen chickens have to be shipped from the US, Canada or Chile then sent to China, then cooked and sent to back to America. Its inefficient. We talked in class about efficiency, its getting the most out of the least. If China has to get chicken imported from the US just to sell it back to Americans, they would be wasting time. If China meets USDA standards and can grow their own chicken, then I can see it being more efficient.

The "temporary recession tax" your still paying

This article was about taxes put into place during the last recession and how taxpayers are still paying the same prices today. Some of the taxes have expired but others have been raised more or kept the same. Its different depending on the state. In class we talked about the las recession in 2008-2010. During that time some taxes were raised to help with the recession.

"Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare" sales decline forecasted

With the yearly releases of the new Call of Duty games the market has become saturated with them. The sales of the new Call of Duty have been less than years in the past. It has sold 40% less than last years release of Call of Duty: Ghosts and nearly 70% behind Call of Duty: Black Ops from 2 two years ago. There is a surplus of these games. If there is a surplus then you can lower the price and hope to get rid of them or you can stop making them so frequently.