The Archaeologist

The archaeology is the scientific study of prehistoric people and their cultures by analysis of their artifacts, inscriptions, and monuments. Throughout the day the archaeologist digs around her yard and tries to discover new discoveries. Also she spends her off time with her favorite neighbor the naturalist, who has a close connection to the doctor. From whom the archaeologist gets a copy of Gray's Anatomy. With this she can be seen doing multiple things such as looking into Gray's Anatomy and digging a hole at the same time or just having fun with the naturalist.

Leisure time

If you don't see her talking with the naturalist, digging a hole, or reading Gray's Anatomy you know she is most likely watching her favorite TV channels either the Science Channel or the History Channel. But if you were to recommend a movie never suggest Jurassic Park she absolutely hates this movie. So stay on her good side and don't mention Jurassic Park around her.

Archaeological study


The archaeologist love being exposed to new cultures and traditions, so she wanted to try a new cultural food that she hadn't tried before. For last nights dinner my client went to Kalachandji's Indian Restaurant in Dallas. Texas. She really enjoyed the atmosphere of the place and enjoyed eating their specials which are pullao (rice), pappadam (spiced wafers) and sabji (vegetable curry).

Kalachandji's Indian Restaurant

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Client's Daily Read

The archaeologist is currently reading the 10 Intriguing And Mysterious Archaeological Sites.

Purchase Of The Day

Today the archaeologist decided to buy her self a new shovel, because after many digging the old shovel broke. So she decided to get a good shovel with a nice smooth handle. Also since she has been digging around her yard with shovels her hand has become very rough, which also made her want to buy this shovel from Home Depot. The shovel she bought was the Nupla 48in Fiberglass Handle Heavy Duty Round Point Shovel.
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Social Media

The archaeologist just followed someone on Facebook and the person is none other than James M. Adovasio. He is one of the archaeologist's favorite archaeologist. He is a very famous archaeologist and she (archaeologist) looks up to him, because he is an American archaeologists an there are only limited American archaeologist. She respects this archaeologist very much because of his many archaeological works are fascinating to her and she got many inspiration from this archaeologist.
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Society For American Archaeology

The archaeologist just liked a site; Society for American Archaeology. The Society for American Archaeology is site where many archaeologist from around the America gather and share their findings and give other important details about archaeology. She is also part of the Society for American Archaeology now.

Mysteries of the World

Today the archaeologist was intrigued by the idea of what mysteries are there on earth that are discovered and not discovered. She contemplates on this thought for quite a while until she found an article that shows many of the mysteries of the world.

Archaeological Visit

The archaeologist is on her vacation and got two weeks of so she decided that she could go to an ancient city in Egypt. She is very intrigued about the lifestyle and culture of Egypt. She went and visited the pyramids and was able to get to see the mummies and statues of the ancient king. She also looked at the Temple of Luxor, which she enjoyed seeing due to the fascinating detail on the building.

Weekend Plans

It is finally here the day that everyone aspires to see, it is Friday. The archaeologist is very exited for the weekend and have been planning to do something for the weekend for a long time. She wants to do something where she can go outside and enjoy the weekend and have a lot of fun. The archaeologist is looking to have fun most of the day on Saturday to start of she is going to go to the Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden. She brings around 50 dollars for the day of fun. She did some research on the botanical garden and found that the admission fee for the Botanical Garden is 12 dollars. She also found out that the parking spots are packed and also cost eight dollars, so she decided to take the DART train to get to the garden, which costs her five dollars for a day pass. She finished the tour at the botanical garden and decided to go eat out nearby to eat at the Verona Italian Restaurant and ordered a Neapolitan Thin Crust Cheese Pizza. After that she returned to the neighborhood and went to the Naturalist's house and spend some time with the naturalist and had a cup of coffee and relaxed and finally returned home.
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