Technology Listening Session

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You have been chosen to provide input on the uses of technology and the needs for technology in our building.

Joan Brylski, Social Studies

Joe Diefenthaler, TLT

Stef Stainton, Science

Jeff Gosse, Science

Kim Noe, English

Katie Titler, Spanish

John Pitzen, Tech Ed

Dan Slowey, PHS

Liz Moehr, FACS

Jenn Heck, Math

Clay Reisler, TLT

Adam Jeulich, Technology

Amy Uelmen, Technology

Colin Pomeroy, Technology

PHS Tech Listening Session

Thursday, Dec. 20th 2012 at 11:30am-12:45pm

PHS THINK TANK (Inside PHS Library)

A substitute teacher will be provided for you during fifth hour. Bring your lunch to the PHS THINK TANK (microwave provided), enjoy a relaxing atmosphere, and provide your insight.


  1. Successes of technology since the beginning of school.
  2. Frustrations of technology since the beginning of school.
  3. Changes you would like to see pertaining to technology use in school.
  4. How do we make these changes happen?

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