Eagle Update Mother's Day Edition

Elginburg & District Public School

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FRIDAY IS OUR HAT SPIRIT DAY! #elginburgspirit

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The WINNER of Wacky Wonderful Hair Day is Matilda!

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Runner Up... Patrick!

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Yep... I shaved my head for you!

Welcome Baby Luke James McIntosh!

Eagles! Mrs. McIntosh had her baby on Friday, May 1st at 1:02 pm. He weighed 6 lbs 10 oz! We wish Mrs. McIntosh and family the best! It is great to have some positive news!

Mom and baby are both doing well. It is Mrs. McIntosh's 3rd child and she said "Luke sleeps for about 5 minutes and then wants to be held". We have all been there! Good Luck!

Mrs. McIntosh is an Educational Assistant at Elginburg & District Public School.

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Birthdays from May 1-8

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May 9 -15th Birthdays!

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Happy Mother's Day!

We want to wish all of our Mothers and "Mother role" parents out there a well deserved special day on Sunday! People in a mothering role play such an important role in raising the amazing students we have at Elginburg!

Take care of yourselves! Being a "Mother" is a lot of work; especially during trying times. Remember to be kind to yourself! You are amazing and you are doing a great job! Really!!

Thank you for being part of our Elginburg & District Public School community!

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Chase and his Mom! Neuro-Half & 5K

Join the Elginburg Running/Walking Club!

The Running/Walking Club has been doing REALLY well! As of when I am writing this, they have already gone 161.5 km and only have 238.5 km left to go! Join them as they run to the capital!

Our staff and Heidi (Jennifer, Eric and Josh's mom) are adding lots of kilometres! Don't let the adults do all the work, Eagles! Every kilometre counts!

Join us, be healthy and active! Post a picture of yourself running and I'll add it to the newsletter next week!

#elginburgspirit Google Classroom Code: 2lugnoo

Here is one of our runners! Who is it?

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Olympic Boxer, Mandy Bujold, Gives a Video Message to Elginburg!

Olympic Boxers Message to Elginburg

Looking for motivation to keep going? Watch Mandy's story...

Mandy Bujold - Canadian Olympic Boxer

Happy Teacher Appreciation Day

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Spirit Days!

We are going to keep the Elginburg School Spirit ALIVE even though we are apart!

Each Friday, we will have a Spirit Day! Please take a picture of yourself and Tweet it or post it in your google classroom with the hashtag #elginburgspirit.

Mrs. Duncan will keep all of the pictures and will create a slide show for the end of the year!

Friday, May 8 - Hat Day - take a picture on the couch and post it!

Friday, May 15 - Fancy Outfit Day - take a picture standing at your front door and post it!

Let's make this fun, Eagles! Don't forget the hashtag #elginburgspirit !

Kindergarten Registration

We are currently accepting kindergarten registrations for in-area Elginburg students. If you are unsure of your home school, please check the Triboard School eligibility search link HERE.

All registrations can be completed online and the link to access this is below. If you are having difficulty, please send a direct email to our general mailbox elgin@limestone.on.ca with details of how best to reach you. We look forward to welcoming our new kindergarten friends!

Student Placements 2020-2021

April is typically the time of year that we begin to think about class organizations and staffing for the next school year. This year is no exception, and we are beginning to organize for the upcoming school year. This includes staffing, timetables and new registrations. Our planning also addresses next years’ class placements.

The creation of classes is a very complex task that takes into account many factors. When determining placements for next year we consider learning and academic needs, emotional and social needs, gender balance and class size to name a few.

We recognize that, in a few individual cases, there may be important reasons why a specific placement is necessary. In these cases, I request that you submit a written email request directly to elgin@limestone.on.ca indicating the reasons for your request. The request should identify the optimal conditions for your child’s success but should not indicate a specific teacher request. We will do our best to accommodate your child’s needs but cannot guarantee specific placements at this time. All written requests must be received no later than Friday, May 8th.

We appreciate your support and understanding in this matter.

Order Your Yearbook - A Year to Remember!

Click this link to order your child's 2019-2020 Yearbook! They will not be handed out until September but what a year to remember!

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Graduation Photos/Sibling Photos

Dear Families,

If you would like to place an order for the Lifetouch school pictures that were taken earlier this year, go to mylifetouch.ca. Free shipping to your homes will be available until May 31, 2020, when you order on mylifetouch.ca with promo code SMILES. Locate your access credentials on your proof sheet if you have it or call 1-866-457-8212 and Lifetouch will help locate your credentials.

Thank you.

LDSB Mental Health Supports

This link will take you to LDSB Supports

Upcoming Events

Friday, May 8 - Whole School Hat Day

Friday, May 15 - Whole School Fancy Outfit Day

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