MI Colloquium - Student Choice

Topics and Instructions for Student Choice Events

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Colloquium is a Student Choice kind of thing

Over the course of this semester we want you to attend three Colloquium events (online, in person or via video - your choice). See below for criteria instructions and topics.

This semester the MI Program will be hosting two on campus events. We stream these two events live as well as video tape them for later consumption. This means that you will still have to find at least one event on your own so be on the look out for something that catches your interest. Contact Connie if you have questions about an event counting towards Colloquium credit.


Our intention is to give you an opportunity to explore topics near and dear to your heart while also getting to know each other better. Your experiences will also assist us in curating a list of your recommendations about events, organizations and speakers that will help keep our MI program content fresh and relevant in a rapidly changing world.

Post Your Reflection to eCollege Discussion Forum

You will be expected to share what you learned with the MI Colloquium community by posting a short reflection about each Colloquium event you attend to the eCollege Discussion Forum. Think about what way(s) did it impact/enhance your understanding of the Information profession? What more would you like to know? What do you know now that you didn’t know before? Who do you know now that didn’t know before?

We encourage you to engage in conversation with each other as well as get a sense of each others' interests and professional goals. If someone comments on your reflection make a point to respond back - this is what builds relationships. Be sure to include the following information about the event that you attend.

  • Name of the event
  • Description of the organization(s) sponsoring the event
  • Date, location and time
  • Links to the event resources
  • Rationale for choosing – why was it of value to you as a MI student (future information professional?) ?
  • Your reflection on the content and your experience.
  • Review of the event itself (well run, good technology, audio / video, etc)

Criteria and Instructions

  • You can attend any event any way that works for you (streaming online, video or in person). We highly encourage you to attend the event in person and take advantage of the chance to meet new people while you explore a topic of interest.

  • The event should be roughly 1.5 hours long and include a speaker (s). Attending training sessions don’t count towards the Colloquium requirement. You can also get credit by attending events like meetings and conferences.

  • You have between now and May 2nd to complete the all three requirement. The requirement is considered complete once you post your short reflection and review of your experience to the eCollege Discussion Forum.

  • If you have questions about whether or not your chosen event will meet the requirement please contact the instructor prior to attending.

List of Topics

Following is a list of topics gleaned from the MI course listings and aligned to the three areas of concentration currently being offered by the MI Program: Library and Information Science, Data Science, Technology and Information Management. Your task is to pick just one and then find and attend an event that will increase your knowledge of the topic. If you don’t see a topic that interests you feel free to substitute your own as long as you can see a connection to the Library and Information Science world.


Academic Libraries




Benchmarking and Performance Evaluation Cataloging & Classification


Coding in the library

Collection Development & Management

Community Services /Engagement

Competitive Intelligence

Crisis Management & First Response


Data Analytics

Data Curation

Databases (subscription, licensed, library)

Database Design & Management

Design of Library Space

Design Thinking

Digital Libraries

Digital Curation

Digital Library Technology



Evidence-based practice in libraries

Ethics in LIS


Game Theory


Health Informatics

History of the Book


Information Literacy / Meta literacy

Information Policy

Information Tech for Libraries

Information Organization Leadership

Information Visualization

Intellectual Property & Copyright


Knowledge Management


Learning in the Library

Library Futures

Library Leadership

Library Services for Special Needs Populations

Lifelong Life-wide Learning


Maker Spaces/Learning Commons

Marketing Library Services


Organizational Communication


Privacy issues

Public Libraries


Reading/Readers’ Advisory

Records Management

Reference Sources & Services

Research Methods is LIS


School Libraries

  • Learning Theory, Media & Curriculum
  • Materials for Children
  • Materials for Young Adults
  • Media / Multimedia Production in Libraries
  • Management of School Libraries

Search and Retrieval

Social Informatics

Social Justice in LIS

Social Media in Libraries & Orgs

Special Libraries (law, business, art, museum,etc.)


Trends in Library and Information Science IS(technology, behavior, etc)


Urban Libraries


Work and Technology


Young Adult

Youth Services

MI Program Director: Lilia Pavlovsky

Associate Teaching Professor - Library and Information Science at the School of Communication & Information at Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey

Instructor: Connie Pascal

MI Colloquium Coordinator, PhD Candidate - Library and Information Science at the School of Communication & Information at Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey